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Microscopes are very important when it comes to research applications taking place in laboratories. This is because microscope specimens could not be studied or viewed accurately without the use of top quality microscopes. Here at BinocularMicroscope.com, we have the best and finest types of microscopes such as stereo and compound microscopes at prices you can afford. So when it comes to microscopy needs, you have landed to the right place.

 What really is a Binocular Microscope?

Binocular Microscope also called as stereomicroscopes are made with the idea of two eyes being able to see. Compared to Monocular Microscope that only has one viewing eye-tube and eyepiece for specimen viewing, binocular microscope has two for each of the viewer’s eye. Using a binocular microscope gives a more relaxed and effortless examination of the slides being observed. Unlike the monocular, you’ll have to close one eye making it harder to view biological specimen. This is why a lot of people prefer the binocular microscope however the monocular comes cheaper specially for individual user. Monocular microscopes might be more advisable for beginners in the field of biology and science when considering budgetary concerns, a binocular microscope is best when doing a more advanced research and analysis such as pre-medical coursework and microbiology.

Another type of microscopy equipment available on the market is called the trinocular microscope wherein a binocular microscope has a third eye or port. This port is being used in order to connect video equipment intended for capturing microscopic images. They are best used when there is another person and a recording activity to capture the image or images being seen. There are varying adapters being used in connecting different photographic devices. A trinocular microscope would be advisable for you if you want to capture digital images rather than binocular microscope.

Whether you need stereoscopic microscope, a biological microscope or something with higher power compound microscope, you can consider our store for your microscopy essentials. We would be very glad to discuss with you the requirements you have in mind and give you the most reliable recommendation and solution to your particular needs. We give you the best quality based on price and your desired outcome.